Cat Exclusives category of pet products

Cat Exclusives category of pet products
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Carpeted Cat Cube

Item#: CDP-29       13-inch and 17-inch models, solid plywood frame for durability! ...

$99.95 $89.95

Cat Litterbox Cabinet Cat Retreat

Item#: CRW-42 Decorative litter box cabinet enclosure, can be used as a table or cat condo!Litterbox..

$244.95 $204.00

Cat Pet Diners

Item#: CLA-30    A 2-Bowl or 3-Bowl model in 5 finishing options... made in the USA! ..

$59.95 $44.95

Cat Window Perch

Item#: CDP-31         3 models -- 16 to 36 inches wide, solid plywood frame for ..

$79.95 $62.95

Kitty Sleeper & Play Cube

Item#: CDP-30        2 models -- 22 and 29 inches tall, solid plywood frame for ..

$184.95 $165.95

Corner Dog or Cat Diner - Triple Bowl

Item#: CLA-39    Five finish options, solid chunk of Ash wood ... made in the USA! As..

$69.95 $59.95

Cat Litterbox Cabinet

Item#: CLA-01    Two models and 5 finish options, hinged top or side entry ... made in the..

$345.95 $310.95