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Dog Bike Trailer category

Dog Bike Trailer category

Our Dog Bike Trailer models shown below include reviews and popular bike trailer for dogs from leading pet bike trailer manufacturers.

Our Dog Bike Trailer category is where you will find popular bike trailers for dogs. We have pet bike trailers from all the leading pet manufacturers. If there is a dog trailer for bikes model you don't see, please give us a call. We would be happy to help you find the perfect bicycle trailer for dogs that will work for your bike and your pet.

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Classic Steel Houndabout Dog Bike Trailer

Item#: SOLV-18       Dogs up to 110 lbs - Steel Frame dog bike trailer model.  ..

$224.95 $155.95

Aluminum Houndabout II Dog Bike Trailer

Item#: SOLV-19       Dogs up to 110 lbs - Aluminum Frame dog trailer model! Aluminum Houndabout I..

$269.95 $195.95

Mini Dog Bike Trailer

Item#: DR-01     Dogs up to 55 lbs, available in 3 different colors with many accessories! Mini D..

$219.95 $199.95

Original Dog Bike Trailer

Item#: DR-03     Dogs up to 100 lbs, Available in Red with many accessories! Original..

$289.95 $259.95

Novel Dog Bike Trailer

Item#: DR-04     Dogs up to 110 lbs, available in 3 colors and many accessories! No..

$369.95 $334.95

Novel 10 Dog Bike Trailer

Item#: DR-10       Dogs up to 110 lbs, anniversary edition. Novel 10 Anniversary..

$449.95 $399.95

Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer

Item#: EGO-33   Dogs up to 165 pounds! Distinctive Italian Style!   Pet Ego Comfort Wago..

$399.95 $375.95